Tim Coach

Global Channel Chief at Pia

Tim Coach, Pia’s Global Channel Chief, focuses on helping businesses grow through process and innovation. He has an expert understanding of the complete lifecycle of delivering services through the client to the consumer, as well as the intricacies of running a business at every level. He is focused on finding new and innovative ways to help the MSP community thrive.

Tim’s partnership with Pia focuses on bringing AI to MSPs to help increase the efficiency of a single employee through the entire department. By integrating AI into the daily work process, it allows us to increase the efficiency of current staff without depending on hiring more people. Being in IT for the last several decades gives him a unique perspective on every level of execution. As a much sought-after consultant with MSPs from across the entire US, he has worked directly with leadership to increase profitability, improve process and procedure all the way through improving overall company culture now through introducing functional AI to the industry. Whether he has been directly rebuilding MSPs or as a consultant, his primary focus has always been to help businesses achieve their overall vision.

Upon entering the channel space in 2021, his passion for his work drove him to accelerate his advancement at an unprecedented rate. He has performed numerous keynotes and presentations since moving to the channel, receiving countless accolades and has become a globally recognized award-winning speaker for all his efforts.