Nicole Kimmick

Senior Director, Enterprise Marketing at Nerdio

As the Senior Director of Enterprise Marketing at Nerdio, Nicole has over 20 years of marketing experience across global technology firms and startups. An award-winning leader, she has earned acclaim for expertise in account-based marketing and demand generation. This extensive experience is complemented by a fearless, innovative approach and a profound understanding of B2B marketing and enterprise software, honed through leading various marketing teams. Nicole’s exceptional skill set includes building and scaling high-impact marketing strategies and forming synergistic partnerships between marketing and sales, driving remarkable business outcomes. With a flair for crafting compelling marketing narratives and a data-driven approach, she excels in aligning marketing efforts with business goals, delivering a multiplier effect in results. This track record of tackling complex challenges and fostering high-performing teams underscores Nicole’s reputation as a visionary in creating and implementing successful marketing strategies and processes for high-growth organizations.