Neil McLoughlin

Field CTO – UK at Nerdio

Neil McLoughlin is Nerdio’s UK Field CTO.  Neil has been in the IT Industry for over 20 years and has spent most of that time specialising in Desktop Virtualization. Previously he spent around 10 years of his career as a Citrix Consultant working on various large Citrix deployments throughout the UK.  Neil’s role at Nerdio spans many different areas. Neil is responsible for assisting sales activities in the UK, assisting customers with any technical issues, and delivering customer success packages. He also helps on the support side when required, and also contributes to marketing by writing various articles, as well as presenting at various conferences throughout the world on Azure Virtual Desktop and Nerdio.  Neil is also big on community and runs the UK AVD User Group and is also a Microsoft MVP.  He currently lives in Manchester, England and is married with two children.