How to Keep and Find Great Employees

Breakout Session • 365 Talent Portal

Is the lack of skilled talent and the challenge of retaining your best employees on top of mind for you? Forbes and Gartner agree that the workforce shortage is among the top 3 priority areas for CEOs in 2022 and as prediction for 2023. The War for Talent is amplified by the Great Resignation! Not only is it very hard to find the right people, but since Covid, one in five employees are extremely or very likely to switch employers (PwC).
Join our session and learn top strategies of how to:
Build an attractive employer brand, Create an inclusive working culture, Attract the right talent for your team, and Nurture your best people so they don’t feel the need to change employers
You will walk away far better prepared for addressing the hiring and retention challenges in 2023 which will set you apart from your competitors.

Presented By:
Elena Baeva, CEO